I want the world

I was never one of those children that went away with their family to Spain during the summer break.  I never went to Disneyland (Yawn!) and I never went to Centre Parks (Double yawn and ewwww flies). I’ve grown into a humble person that doesn’t follow the crowd or do things just because it’s perceived as the ‘normal’ thing to do.

The first time I went abroad I was seventeen.  I took myself to the airport, boarded a plane and left for the summer. Cya!! I’m now twenty-five, and since my first time up in cloud 9 I’ve travelled to Dubai, from Dubai to India (during monsoon- call me crazy but i’d do it again!) then off on a girls trip (call me crazy but i’d never do that again – topless nights with dogs and broken legs says it all), spiked in Ibiza, from Ibiza to partying in Hollywood and the hidden hills, Vegas, Paris Barcelona and a super quick pit stop back in London before heading back to Hollywood for 6 months.  And there you go ladies and gentlemen, that takes us up to my last holiday, returning to my home from home for the hottest festival of all times  (literally) – Coachella 2016.  Just reading all that kinda makes me exhausted! It’s coming to the end of 2017 (okay, its not, but two seconds ago it was christmas and I swear santa’s already started his naughty and nice list!) and although I thought I could hold out until next year I just can’t.  I need a vacay and I’VE WANTED IT FOR AGES!





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